We are pleased to offer you oxygen absorbers from Mitsubishi gas chemical company japan

AGELESS® keeps your food fresh.
ANAEROPACK® opens up ways for easy anaerobic culturing, without the need for water or enzymes.
RP System is a preservation system.









 “Iron absorbs oxygen when it rots.” “Prevent oxidation by reducing the oxygen content to zero.” Though these ideas are very simple, they are not so easy to put into practice. As the inventor of AGELESS®, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical is the world’ s pioneer in achieving this and applying it to everyday use.

AGELESS® absorbs oxygen in a sealed container reducing its concentration to 0.1% or less, thus eliminating the harmful effects of oxygen on food. AGELESS® seals in the “great taste” and “freshness.” Thanks to its excellent characteristics, AGELESS® is used to prevent degradation of medical and pharmaceutical products as well as cosmetics. Furthermore, it is used extensively in clothing and bedding to fight off mites and molds.


A free-oxygen absorber for sealing in taste and freshness.
Ageless® Makes a Difference.
Ageless® Prevents Molds.
Ageless® Prevents Oxidation of Fats and Oils.
Ageless® Prevents Food Colors from Changing.
Ageless® Is Effective on Insect Eggs.
Ageless® Preserves Both Flavor and Nutrition.
Ageless® Fights Decomposition and Deterioration in Areas Other Than
Food Manufacture and Supply.
Various Types of Ageless® for Various Purposes.
Ageless® Expands the Uses for the Oxygen Absorber.
Ageless® Peripherals.
Ageless® Usage Precautions.
Proven Safety of Ageless® and Ageless Eye.



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